Smart Vision Shades

•Electronically Dimmable  •App or Manual Controls

Smart Vision Shades

Smart Vision Shades are electronically dimmable inner window panes. When combined with PRIZM cabin lighting, they can be controlled with an app available on a smartphone, or with the built-in controls. They feature individual variable control at each window and are 99% UV blocking.

Smart Vision Shades Advantages

  • Electronically dimmable.
  • App or manual controls.
  • 99% UV blocking.
  • Customized for any aircraft inner window.
  • Variable dimming.
  • Fully integrated with the Gogo ATG and L3/L5 high-speed data systems through the Gogo Vision app.

Smart Design for Passenger Comfort

Our unique design is made with the passenger in mind.

Unique Smart Design

  • Shades are fully opaque when not in use for privacy, reduce cabin temperature in sunlight and reduced wear from sun fading.
  • Shades auto-clear upon aircraft shutdown for easy passenger unloading.
  • Shades auto-clear in event of an emergency for safe passenger egress.
  • Two shade color options to pick from.