The Manufacturing Process

PMA soultions for aircraft.

In-House Manufacturing

At Elliott Technologies, our products are produced in-house and made-to-order. Our products offer short lead times and are custom-built for your aircraft.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 3D Printing. Ability to rapid prototype specialized assemblies and quickly produce final components.
  • Laser cutting & etching. Flexibility and precision to cut complex window shapes to custom designs with customer insignia. We can also custom etch customer logos.
  • In house fabrication, assembly and final testing to meet the lead time demands of the business aircraft MRO.

Elliott Technologies Advantages

We understand your challenges of finding high-quality aircraft products with short lead times. At Elliott Technologies, we control our own manufacturing process and our products are made-to-order. What does this mean for you? We can produce your custom order with leads much shorter than the industry average.


  • Short lead times.
  • Produced to order.
  • Custom built to fit your aircraft.
  • No waiting on other vendors.
  • FAA PMA Certification.